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This is SPC Net - not the SPC Portal

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(where parents can pay school fees etc online)
The main function of SPC Net is to allow students to connect to class pages that their teachers have set up. 
Students and parents have their own usernames and passwords. Parents can only view pages their sons are linked to.
These pages are in fact 'virtual classroom spaces' for students and teachers to interactit's like the physical classroom, but made available online. Here is where you’ll find collaborative learning, resource sharing, online task and activity management.
If you forget your password, just click on Sign In at the top right hand side of this screen and then choose Forgot Password. A link will then be sent to your Registered Email Address. If you have not registered your email address, then you will NOT receive the link. However you can ask your teacher to reset your password for you at school. Or email 

3rd March 2015